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"It's a fine fox chase, my boys!"
George Washington, Battle of Princeton, 1777

Summer 2021
20M QRP Fox Hunt

 Results for the Foxes

THROUGH HUNT No. 20  (Week 10)


WX2S   50   53  103*

 N8SS   28   26    54

ND4K   33   29    62

AJ1DM  56   37    93

W9CF   46   50    96

        K0DTJ  42   50   92

        K9DRP  31   14   45

        NK6A   42   57   99
        NR3Z   58   43  101
        N7CQR  27    0   27

        Total PELTS:    812*

*Due to multiple forced FOX absences, WX2S ran an unprecedented third run this season. His FOX score does NOT include the third run, and, to be fair to the HOUNDS, the total PELTS does.

The QRP Fox Hunt Committee wishes to thank the Colorado QRP Club  for their generous sponsorship of these hunts! We especially want to thank the many hams who have helped with administration of the hunts from time to time, and N1FN (ET), (sk),  formerly of MorseExpress, for all of the web assistance he has provided to CQC and the QRP Fox Hunts since their first appearances on the Internet!

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