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"It's a fine fox chase, my boys!"
George Washington, Battle of Princeton, 1777

A QRP Fox Hunt is a series of 90 minute Amateur Radio events during which low-power (QRP) stations, or "Hounds," attempt to make contact with specific QRP stations designated as "The Fox."


The Summer 2019 FOXTRAVAGANZA will take place on Thursday, September 12th, 2019.  All 20 Meter Foxes, Alternates, and the QRP Foxhunt Committee can call CQ FOX on 20 Meters in the usual frequencies near 14.060MHz.  The event will start at the normal time, 0100Z, and run for 90 minutes.  How many can YOU work?  There will be no official scoring, just have fun! And feel free to brag (or complain) on the QFOX List or Facebook!  
 The 2019
Summer QRP Fox Hunt

The Summer 2018 20M Fox Hunt began on Thursday,  June 27th, 2019 and ran through Thursday, August 29th, 2019.  In Week 2 the hunts were held on Tuesday, July 2nd, to avoid conflict with the 4th of July holiday.

There were two hunts each Thursday evening, so each Fox was scheduled for two hunts, usually separated by several weeks.

20M Fox Hunt Schedule

Final Fox Results

Final Hound Results

The Fox Hunts were be conducted in accordance with our Summer Rules.

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QRP Fox Hunt Definitions:
   Fox    =    The station the Hounds try to work.   
   Hound    =    Each QRP station trying to work The Fox.   

Group of 5 hounds acting as a team, to participate in the 
teams competition.

   Pelt    =    Slang for a completed QSO.   
   QRO    =    Any output power greater than 5 watts.   
   QRP    =    5 watts or less RF output from the transmitter.   
   QRPp    =    1 watt or less RF output from the transmitter.   
   QSO    =    Complete exchange of Signal Report, QTH,
Operator's Name, & Power Output.
   QTH    =    State, Canadian Province (or Country if outside US/Can).   

Internet Reflector (list) for QRP Fox Hunt discussion

Previous Seasons:

FQRP Fox Hunt Footer  
The QRP Fox Hunt Committee wishes to thank the Colorado QRP Club  for their generous sponsorship of these hunts! We especially want to thank the many hams who have helped with administration of the hunts from time to time, and N1FN (ET), at Morse Express, for all of the web assistance he has provided to CQC and the QRP Fox Hunts since their first appearances on the Internet!

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